18款不同調酒,代表18種不同風味選擇,我們期望大家都能在Draft Land找到最適合自己當下的一杯調酒。我們經常更新酒單,隨時都歡迎大家來找尋屬於自己喜愛的那一杯。


With 18 different choices on tap, we hope there’s one in the mix for you to enjoy. We like to switch things up, so always be on the lookout for new cocktails coming your way.


我們在 Draft Land Taipei 這個小巧卻充滿能量的室內空間,創造出很多我們也很喜歡的展覽、表演和特色活動。

Draft Land's venue size may not be huge,  but don't underestimate our creativity. We've held events, parties and gallery shows in our little glass showroom.

Draft Land taipei

the other side of

Draft Land


1FL, No.2, Ln. 248, Sec. 4 Zhongxiao E. Rd, Da'an Dist. 106


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